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Here's What Other Dogs Are Saying:
"I am so happy about the Flat Bowl.  Now I can drool anywhere and everywhere."
"I can't get enough water.  I get thirsty just driving in the car.  Thank you for the Flat Bowl"
"I was skeptical at first. I thought I'd seen everything, but the Flat Bowl really works. 
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Why Your Dog Needs Flat Bowl:
Playing Dogs Are Thirsty Dogs
When we take Spartacus and Ruby to the dog park, they play hard.  And when they play hard they get really thirsty.  Heck, Ruby gets thirsty just driving around in the car. Dogs at work or at play, need as much as 2-3 more water.  Using the Flat Bowl, your dog will get the water they need, anywhere they need it.
Working Dogs Need Water Every Where
When you are on the go and your dog needs water, the Flat Bowl can be with you everywhere.  It's small, flat design means that it is easy to carry and ready to go wherever your dog gets thirsty.  At the park, in the car, on the walk, on the trail,  at the airport - if you have Flat Bowl, you can give your dog water anywhere
Water Makes Dogs Smile
Just like every other member of your family, your dog needs water to be happy and healthy.  It's easy for my kids to drink from a bottle, but not so easy for our dogs.  Flat Bowl is the solution - give your dog some water and see them smile.
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